Sunday, June 28, 2009

winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Thanks for all the great comments on the baby gear post! True to my typing, I'll send off a little thank you gift to.....


I can't send baby legs, seeing as Tracy has twin girls and it would just be wrong to send one of anything. I have some ideas...

self portrait

sippy cup wars

This from way back in March 2007, when a much smaller Moo went on a rampage against sippy cups. Those were some fun days. I posted this as an encouragement to my sister, that, this too shall pass! Ella Bella protested the sippy cups too, in a much angrier violent protest of screams and slamming things to the floor. So, we went cold turkey after trying to ease her into the sippy cup. That battle is now over, thank goodness!

my mind is somewhere else entirely....

My mind is still stuck in that beautiful place. Despite the fact we have been home for 3 weeks. I must go back!