Wednesday, March 25, 2009

sunday drive

Monday, March 23, 2009

moo is three

The moo man in now officially three. He had never really been to a birthday party, so the birthday thing has been a complete mystery to him. I have been asking him for several weeks what he wanted for his birthday. His requests, a blue party, a boat ride, no presents, and a long list of people who could and could not come. Well, his mama is a slacker so he got a supermarket cake from gram, 3 previously used candles, and one gift. He was thrilled. If we could only get away with such simple thrills for every birthday :) We had another party last night with leftover cake and 2 free Thomas trains courtesy of Toys r us. Again, he was over the moon. Funny kid.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

poor sick baby

Monday, March 16, 2009

clap your hands

Ella Bella learned to clap last night and it reminded me of my baldy firstborn learning to clap 2 years ago!

Aren't these papers and patterns fun? They are from the fabulous Shabby Princess and can be found here. These papers are from the Moody Blues collection. Her stuff is detailed and well done and she has some wonderful downloads and tutorials on her site too! Please note her downloads are for personal use ONLY, ie: your own personal digital scrapbook.

Friday, March 13, 2009

lady rides

My kids love playing "lady rides". Basically they sit on my lap and I just bounce them like crazy. They love it. And I love that I have one photo of me and my kids thanks to Hubs. I need to teach that boy how to use my camera!

I have now really lived....

A couple months ago, my sister in law was visiting from the land o' corn. A common parenting adventure came up, one that in our 2.5 years of parenting had not experienced. A veteran parent, She was shocked by this and said:

"Well, you haven't really lived then!"

Well, dear sister in law, I have now really lived. This delightful dual bathing experience was brought to an abrupt end when for the first time ever the Moo man pooped in the tub. Even better, or worse, I inadvertently caught it on camera. I'll spare you THAT photo.

Ummm, hello, he is potty trained now! We almost made it 3 years without really living as parents.

Monday, March 9, 2009

hot date and dung stationary

Our friend R is a rock star and PAID for us to go on a date and watched our little anklebiters for FREE. I am pretty sure I get the better end of our friendship. We love you R! Thanks for being our kid's "local" aunt.

It's been eons since we went on a real get dressed up, wear uncomfortable shoes, eat fancy food date. Maybe it's never happened, but it certainly has happened since Moo was just a few weeks old we left him with M & J. And that was memorable, for them!

We are rusty at dating but had fun inspite of ourselves. We ate fancy food with the wrong silverware. No one grabbed food off my plate or threw a tantrum. Heaven. We didn't even talk about the kids, I don't think.

We topped the date off with a run to wags for formula and diapers. Back to reality.

When we got home, R gave us this very fun card made out of elephant poop.

elephant dung.

And it didn't even smell.

We were both greatly amused by the elephant on the pot in the card explanation.

Hot date indeed.

ten months

Ella Bella Boo turned 10 months yesterday, yikes... one is just around the bend! She is changing so much right now, it's very fun to watch. Just today I noticed she has cut FOUR new teeth bringing the grand total to NINE. Watch out kids she may not be fast but she has a nice set of chompers if she chooses to use them. Notice I said she may not be fast, but as of yesterday she is MOBILE! She is a butt scooter and backwards slider. We should have seen the butt scooting coming given her love of shakin' it. See the video post from earlier today. She is devouring any food we put in front of her. She particularly loves grabbing whole rolls and mulching them up.

One of the most "aww" things she has picked up is her new bff "bear-bear" who she squeals in delight when she sees and holds all night long. Hubs put her to bed without bear-bear the other night and oh she was heartbroken. She has been playing model this past month for a local mom's etsy shop. She is a great sport about it generally, although red hats make her cry. Again, see the video post to see how much she loves bear bear.

She is still huge, other babies her same age are much smaller. She is wearing 18m and 24m clothes. Ella Bella Chunka Monka indeed. She was 22lbs 9 oz and 29.5inch at her checkup last month, judging by the pile of clothes that don't fit... she has gotten longer since then.

Current raves:
-fresh peas and roasted carrots
-peeking under and over her bumper at moo across their room.
-being naked
-eating any fun thing off the floor
-music with a beat
-digging through boxes and baskets
-bath time, again naked
-trees in the wind
-talking baby talk with you

Current I'd rather not and ummmm nooooooooo:
-being buckled in her carseat
-having anything eaten off the floor being scraped out of her mouth
-not having our full attention
-waiting for her food to be made
-sharing with moo
-sippy cups, that would be a NO WAY
-standing, walking, crawling on all floors... she screams when you try.

she likes to shake it....


Ella Bella likes to shake it, and apparently... likes to shake it sideways since I can't rotate the video. Oh well, it's my own fault for for taking a video like I do a photo!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

big boy bed

You might be thinking, what in the world does infant tylenol have to do with big boy beds....

Yesterday, at just a few weeks shy of 3, we converted Moo's crib to a big boy bed. He was so excited that he could now climb in and out of his bed with ease. Wonderful. He thought it was even cooler than his crib and was excited to try it out.

Fast forward to nap time a couple hours later. We don't make him nap, but he has to play quietly in his room or our room depending on where Ella Bella is napping. He played in his room quietly for an hour. I could here him climbing in and out of bed, but that was ok. I got him up and we went about playing. A few minutes later I went to go put a blanket back in Ella Bella's crib and noticed a tylenol bottle laying on the floor.


I pick it up. Empty. Cap is loose.


I take it to Moo and ask, "Did you eat this? Mommy will not be mad but I need to know."

No answer.

I screw the cap back on tightly and hand it to him. "Open this for Mommy."

Twist. Pop. Tada!

"Mom, it's empty! But I drank it!"

Fantastic. Moo seems perfectly fine. Quick call to the pediatrician, who refers me to poison control. A little quick calculating just o find out that an almost 3-year old weighing 30lbs can drink 1 fl oz. of infant tylenol and be.... fine. All I had to do was keep him upright and awake and call ems (daddy!) if he got a high fever or started vomiting uncontrollably. He acted completely normal, never had a single side effect.

And yes, all "fun" things have been removed from his room. At least his little escapade wasn't as messy as, say, the child who smeared her entire room and self in vaseline.


Happy Birthday to my sweetie little niece! Little E, I can't believe you are one already! I wish I got to see you more often than every few months, but I have enjoyed every (ok, almost every moment.. I have changed your diaper a time or 2) moment that I have gotten to spend with you. You are serious and determined, joyful and engaging. Happy First Birthday!

baby boy bites a better biter biscuit