Thursday, March 5, 2009

big boy bed

You might be thinking, what in the world does infant tylenol have to do with big boy beds....

Yesterday, at just a few weeks shy of 3, we converted Moo's crib to a big boy bed. He was so excited that he could now climb in and out of his bed with ease. Wonderful. He thought it was even cooler than his crib and was excited to try it out.

Fast forward to nap time a couple hours later. We don't make him nap, but he has to play quietly in his room or our room depending on where Ella Bella is napping. He played in his room quietly for an hour. I could here him climbing in and out of bed, but that was ok. I got him up and we went about playing. A few minutes later I went to go put a blanket back in Ella Bella's crib and noticed a tylenol bottle laying on the floor.


I pick it up. Empty. Cap is loose.


I take it to Moo and ask, "Did you eat this? Mommy will not be mad but I need to know."

No answer.

I screw the cap back on tightly and hand it to him. "Open this for Mommy."

Twist. Pop. Tada!

"Mom, it's empty! But I drank it!"

Fantastic. Moo seems perfectly fine. Quick call to the pediatrician, who refers me to poison control. A little quick calculating just o find out that an almost 3-year old weighing 30lbs can drink 1 fl oz. of infant tylenol and be.... fine. All I had to do was keep him upright and awake and call ems (daddy!) if he got a high fever or started vomiting uncontrollably. He acted completely normal, never had a single side effect.

And yes, all "fun" things have been removed from his room. At least his little escapade wasn't as messy as, say, the child who smeared her entire room and self in vaseline.


The everyday said...

Oh gee don't bring up the vaseline! It still gives me nightmares!

I'm glad that he was okay, and bravo to you for not freaking out!

Erika said...

Oh, you poor thing. I think I may have been near passing out if I'd made that discovery. Glad you're little man is okay. Glad that mommy is doing okay, too! : )

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Oh goodness... Glad M is okay! Why is it that kids can get into kid-proof stuff better than we can?
Yay for M and his big boy bed!

Faith said...

Oh Laura! Thanks for sharing your joys and scares of motherhood! It's such a blessing to see such a real woman! :)