Monday, February 15, 2010

i heart my silly kids

Another post of pics of my little darlings. Can you tell we have been stuck inside a lot this winter? I am ready to welcome spring, warm sunshine, travel adventures and getting back to taking other peoples pictures :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy balentines day!

Some people around my house have trouble enunciating certain letters like "v". So happy balentines day! My kids were so thrilled to finally get to eat their heart lollipops. Sweet sticky mess.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

january's leftovers

not leftovers in the fridge, leftovers for the blog. :) A little side of playing at the park, a reheat of hopscotch in the park, and a dessert of jumping on the couch. Followed by a little confetti tossing in front of mount laundry.

Friday, February 12, 2010

crafting from the stash: toddling twin tutu's

I have a dear friend from up 'north who has 2 adorable little twin girls. They are just so precious! I have been mulling over what fun thing I could send her way for her precious little girls so last week when my craft studio was finally operational I whipped up a little valentines love for her cuties. twin tutus, i heart my sister onesies and some legwarmers. Too bad they are in the midst of a MAJOR home renovation (think lifting a 100 year old house off it's foundation) and the house is a little cold for running around like a ballerina. Spring is coming!

I'll be getting a tutorial up on the reverse applique shirts up because I am kicking myself for not trying it earlier. It was frustrating to keep all the letters in place until I raided my kids art drawer....

f r e e d o m to f l y

Thursday, February 11, 2010


There has been a lot of re-_________ going on around our house and lives this past week.

Refreshed, renewed, restored. It is lovely. I'll write more about "re-" in a later post, but this week I really enjoyed this blog post by "this the reverb." I love his site, faith, photography, food, family.... all the "f's" one neat blog.

What do you think? Do you need to be refreshed?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

grandparent love

Hubs parents were here last week to spoil my kids rotten. Just rotten, oh wait we made them rotten... not the grandparents. My children are so incredibly blessed to have 4 grandparents who love and adore them and want to be part of their lives, whether they live an hour away or 11 hours away. So blessed. Grandma Teeny took Moo on a hike through our backyard (seriously) and it was a great adventure for both of them. From climbing through brush, to being followed by suzy cat, being pocked by cactus, and finding a hidden cave.

engagement session in a winter wonderland

It's been wet here. And foggy. And bitterly cold. At least according to my toes. Sunday afternoon was dreary, foggy, drizzling, and just barely above freezing. Not ideal for shooting engagement pictures. The weather delayed them getting to the shoot so it was nearly 5pm and the little light we had to work with was fading fast. But Jacob and Bekkah could care less. We ventured out in the cold and I worked as quickly as possible and they were completely oblivious to it all. In their own little love bubble. I LOVE it when clients are so engaged in each other that my camera is just an afterthought. Jacob left for more training yesterday in California and I hope this little glimpse of him brightens up Bekkahs's day! :) Congrats you two!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


just a super short update before meeting a friend....

We are still without internet at our house and my iphone and my computer still aren't playing nice... so no new photos to blog. Work on the dump continues, only a few boxes remain to unpack and all major life interrupting projects on the inside are done. Hallelujah. My studio (art and design, and photo editing) is finally usable. It took me 3 full morning to night days to get every little button and paper in it's place. I am loving being able to create again, it was a LONG nine months that my craft supplies were in boxes. The best part of my new work space is there is lots of room for me and several friends to work and it is connected to the playroom. I see lots of playdates/craft days in our future!

One of the things I love about our new house is how peaceful it is. I don't think I realized how stressful it was to live under a constant fear of being robbed again and always being on alert. Our new house has plenty of it's own challenges (water in the basement...) but it is calming and it forces you to be aware of nature. I love that. The sunsets are amazing. Something about removing our physical selves from the everyday craziness of living in a city (small city) has been so freeing but also so convicting. Both Hubs and I are deeply mulling over relationships, commitments, lifestyle.

all for now...