Monday, June 30, 2008

petri dish

We are all passing around icky bugs this week, with mommy getting the worst of it. Hopefully, we will all be feeling better soon!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

firefighter calender model ?

This needs a caption, I am just at a loss from laughing too hard....

fun with felt

It sounds so retro. Fun with Felt.

My friend M over at Everyday Stuff started this felt obsession about a year ago with her discovery of Giddy Giddy Hairclips. Their hair clips are so cute and fun! M and I decided to try recreating them and it was just FUN to do! Of course, thats what M and I do. Spend hours on IM sending links back and forth of various crafty things we like and hate while commiserating about parenting and husbands. For someone who only had a bald little boy at the time, I got way to into making felt hair clips!

Over Christmas, I tried adding a little felt to a bunch of plain white onesies and even a pair of jeans. Again, awfully girly for someone with a boy! It was also super easy and fun to add felt to onesises. I had many more ideas of designs for the onesies, but morning noon and night sickness really killed my crafting buzz.

Yesterday I was cleaning out my closet (maternity clothes, anyone, anyone?) when I found some old wool sweaters that do to some over zealous washing would never fit again. I remembered the hip girls over at kojo designs having a cool tutorial a couple months back about felting wool and decided to give it a try! It was really simple and fun. the only hiccup being I had to do the process twice since I don't have a fancy washer and dryer with the sanitize setting. :) I am not sure what I will use it for, it's much thicker and softer than store bought felt. I think it will make some nice winter hats for my little Texans who hate wearing hats....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

time for blog cleaning....

I don't update my other blog much, mainly because it's a pain to do so and all the cool kids have blogs over here on blogger. And I am a sucker for peer pressure....

So, you loyal readers may have noticed a few blog posts have disappeared until I feel like sharing that part of our lives with EVERYONE. I didn't delete any posts, just switched them to draft for now. I am working on being more transparent and authentic and merging my blogs is a big step in that direction.

Let's climb the baby!

"Let's climb the baby!"

I think he has confused his sister with his favorite playground.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

car seat woes

I really, really like car seats. I *almost* have a car seat fetish.

Right now I have a love hate relationship with my daughter's car seat. It makes her puke, a lot. About half the time I put her in it, she loses the entirety of her last meal. Before the car even starts moving. She usually isn't upset at all when I put her in the seat and she throws up and has been burped thoroughly. Her clothes, her car seat straps, her car seat cover, and the burp rags, and blankets I try to catch it with will all be completely drenched.

Since car seat covers and straps aren't supposed to be washed, this presents a problem. I am at a loss as how to make her not throw up in the first place or to minimize the mess when she does throw-up.

I got her car seat inspected by a certified car seat tech before she was born and we use it correctly, but here are some photos of it installed in the car on our level driveway.

I am open to moving her to a new convertible seat or reinstalling her seat to adjust the recline if I can safely, whatever will help!

Monday, June 23, 2008


I am feeling lazy...

If you need an extreme photo fix of moo and ella bella, go here:

LFH photography

Robeez Rehab

My mom got me some Halloween Robeez a couple months ago for a steal. I love Robeez! They are size 6-12 months and probably wouldn't fit little miss quite yet at Halloween. Plus we don't celebrate Halloween, so they probably wouldn't get worn at all.

So I decided the Robeez needed a little rehab. First I took the pumpkins off. Then I painted the orange cuffs PINK. I love that I can have pink stuff in my house now! Then I made 2 felt cupcakes and attached them to the shoes. Add two little buttons stitched and glued tightly on and ta da!

I like them! Not sure why a cupcake would need a cherry, but it's cute!

Get in line people, get in line!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

slow summer saturdays

Little Miss has started smiling. Not the gassy or sleepy baby smiles, but the look you in the eye melt your mama's heart smile. I, like every sleep deprived mom of a newborn, eagerly anticipates this acknowledgment that not only does she appreciate my efforts, she may even like me! I ran to get my camera to capture it and I got this instead:

The infamous "my arms are trying to kill me" scream. She is sooooooooooo afraid of her arms. It's like a low budget horror flick every time she startles. I, sadly, find it incredibly amusing.

Moo insisted on climbing in her crib and reading books to her. I managed to capture it on video, but I have no idea how to post video on here. It was really cute and sweet until he kicked her in the head and she started wailing. Good times.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

six weeks

Ella Bella is six weeks old! Time just flew by!

It's hard to believe that 6 weeks and 1 day ago I was freaking out about being induced. I was really spoiled with my first delivery. With him labor started on it's own at 11:23 pm at night and at 8:26 am he was here! So, I was more than a little concerned that artificially starting the process might make for a LONG labor.

I didn't sleep at all the night before. Then we had to call the hospital at 4am to see if they had an open room. They didn't, so they told us to come in at 6:30 am. We got there at 6:30 and they handed us tons of paperwork to fill out (I swear we didn't have paperwork with Moo) and we finished that right as the nurses were changing shift at 7. So we waited and waited while they chit chatted. We had CABLE so we didn't care :)

About 8am they came in and put in an iv and at a 8:45 my Ob breezed in fresh off vacation and broke my water. Such a bizarre feeling! It was about 30 seconds later that we realized the 10lbs I had gained in the past week was ALL amniotic fluid. What a mess! They cranked up the pitocin and the party really got started. I was 2 cm and barely effaced, so I figured it was going to be a LONG day.

We watched Bringing Home Baby on TLC and laughed and laughed at how idiotic first time parents can be. We were pros now :) no more silly first time mistakes for us! The contractions were painful and not fun but for me the bigger annoyance was being tied to a bed by iv's and blood pressure doo dads, and other random lines. I dreamed of ripping all thats stuff off and being able to go pee by myself! Nope not allowed, only bedpans. Ick. So I begged for them to send around the lovely epidural man so I could get a catheter too! :)

Getting the epidural with Moo was by far the WORST part of being in labor. I was shaking from the pain and was exhausted and had to balance myself on the edge of a bed without touching the floor. It just sucked. It took a good 20 minutes to get it in and then it was so strong I had no idea I even had a body below my neck.

This time around was so different! The anesthesiologist was WONDERFUL. I told him my past experience and told him I wanted to have an epidural light. It was SO much better. I could feel everything but pain! :) That was at 10:30 and I was only at a 4 and only about halfway effaced.... still a LONG ways to go. I was thinking maybe by dinner we would have a baby. We settled in for a nice long day of eating popsicles and watching discovery!

Sometime around 11:30 I told my very hungry husband to call my mom and have her bring up some food. She got there around 12:30 and we sent him off to eat in the waiting room so I wouldn't have to watch! While he was gone, I started to feel kinda weird. Nauseous and shaky, just off. Just before 1, the nurses came in and I asked them to check because I felt more contractions and pressure.

My mom guessed I was a 7.

The nurse guessed an 8.

My husband guessed a 10.

My husband was right! Not only was I at 10, but the baby was at like a plus 1! Oops! I kinda had a freak out at this point suddenly realizing that it was happening NOW. My OB was in surgery and came running in all his scrubs and about 10 minutes of pushing later the baby was out!

My OB intentionally held the baby so no one could tell is it was boy or a girl until he got the baby crying and cleaned up. The nurse had been teasing him all day about missing another birth that morning so he did it annoy them. :) I was sure it was a boy. So sure. Nope. A girl!

A big girl! That was the first thing my husband and I thought when we saw her. She was so much pinker, chubbier, and healthier than our son was. 7lbs, 140z and 22 inches! She was born at 1:09pm and by 1:15pm the OB had left to go back to his waiting patient in the OR and by 1:30pm all the nurses had gone too! It was such a different experience than with our son to be alone with her so soon after birth.

Recovery was a breeze. (No hate mail please!) No pain at all! Well, no pain until we tried nursing, little piranha.

Now she is six weeks old and is just amazing. She is HUGE. 24.5 inches and 12.5 pounds. She is cooing and trying to smile. She is still up once or twice a night, but will now sleep in her crib during the day. I am back to normal save the extra 15 lbs that still linger from pregnancy. These past 6 weeks have been wonderful. Having a newborn was equally amazing, if not more amazing to having a newborn the first go around!


Little Miss is 6 weeks old! To celebrate, our hospital sent all the medical bills from her birth! Eek!

$10, 944.37

For 33 hours in the hospital, from check-in to check out! Or, $331.65 an HOUR! Our portion out of pocket would have been $6,019.41! Yikes!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kids say the darnedest things....

Two little pearls of wisdom heard in my home this morning.

"I wanna ride!"

"Moo, what do you want to ride?"

"I wanna ride the BABY!"

I toke note of his new thrill seeking idea and promptly sequestered his sister behind a baby gate.

"Mama HUGE!"

"Thanks, kid. I know wearing plaid Bermuda shorts a month post baby is an egregious fashion faux pas, but you work with what you have and what is clean. "

"Mama, mama, huge, huge, HUGE."

Friday, June 13, 2008


Sleep. We are all lacking it around here. Since I get the sole responsibility of night feedings, I am the most sleep deprived. It hasn't really been bad, well until yesterday that it.

I have been battling severe sinus headaches every couple days since little miss's arrival and yesterdays was just killer. For me sinus headaches are a cross between wisdom teeth surgery and morning sickness and make me pretty useless. I was letting Moo watch copious amounts of mind rotting PBS kids shows. His favorite show came on and he was glued and I fell asleep. I woke up an HOUR later. I felt great, but my 2 year old had been completely unsupervised for an HOUR. Judging by the trail he left, he played with the hvac filters, helped himself to some cheerios, and locked himself in his room. Yep, I am a fantastic mother. I found him locked in his room having a wonderful time reading.

It was about 5 minutes after that incident that I decided 2 things:
1. I need some allergy medicine I can take!
2. It's time we all get some more sleep.

So we booted little miss and her cradle out to the dining room last night hoping we could start stretching out some feedings and eventually drop one. I know she is only a month old, but she is also 12 pounds (!!!) and should have the stomach capacity to go a little longer between feedings.

Yeah, it didn't work. She did great until after her 3am feeding and then she fussed for 90 minutes until I relented and just let her sleep next to me for a few hours.

And the sleeping in her crib or cradle during the day, also not working.

We have our work cut out for us!

In the meantime, this wrap is saving my sanity! I picked it up on a whim last summer at Target for $10. Little miss has such bad tummy pain and sometimes holding her upright is the only thing that keeps her from screaming in pain and or throwing up.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

five shirt day

I think from now on I will just give my husband the run down of our day by telling him how many shirts I have gone through in a day. One shirt being miraculous, two or three shirts pretty average day and so on. It wouldn't be any indication of the day being good or bad, just an indication of the amount of laundry to be done that night!

Today is a five shirt day. And it's only 5pm.

4 shirts of mine spit up on by my lovely and talented daughter and one dear friend drenched in the deluge of a whole meal by little miss. She let my daughter finish spitting up before handing her off and insisted I clean and dress the baby before even thinking of getting her a towel. Any less of a friend may have dropped my baby on the floor in disgust!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ella Bella Chunka Monka

I love this kid, she is so sweet and amazing. And tolerant of her mother's photo craze.....

My son will stack ANYTHING

The remains of his lunch yesterday. Note to self, lunchables are not a hit!

One Month!

Little Miss in her dedication dress at 6 days old and one month. It's really more of a shirt now than a dress and I had to let the straps all the way out! The little dress she has on below has been passed all around our church, i think she is the 5th one to wear it!

Little Miss hit the one month mark yesterday. I am torn between being in morning that the newborn stage is coming to an end, being in shock about how quickly time flew by, or eagerly anticipating the fun milestones ahead. I wish they would stay little for just a few weeks longer than they do! I haven't started her baby book yet, so for now this is her virtual baby book.

Snippets of her first month:

She often smiles and laughs in her sleep. It is the sweetest thing. I have captured a few sleep smiles on camera but not a sleep laugh.

She eats like it's going out of style. 10 minutes for a full feeding (both sides). She is then really uncomfortable until she burps or throws up her entire meal. Good times!

She loves to be really, really warm. She shivers often when not wrapped in one, two, or three blankets. She loves sitting outside in her bouncy seat in the hot, dry weather.

There are two things in life she finds utterly unacceptable. Her car seat. And her arms. I need to break out the video camera and capture the complete terror that overtakes her when she startles and her arms get away from her. Unfortunately for her, the car seat is not negotiable and we just let her scream it out until she falls asleep or throws up.

She craves human contact, she would love to be held 24/7. M wanted to be put down to sleep, but not her! She would love to sleep on us or next to us for every nap!

Rain, Rain, So Glad You Came!

A few weeks ago, we had a huge rainstorm. Moo was so excited to watch it, he even wanted to play in the hail! As soon as the lightning and thunder passed we headed outside for some puddle stomping fun.

Yay! Hooray!

Thanks to a dear friend, I have photo editing again! On a sweet, fast, computer! Woohoo! So.... here comes a deluge of photos from the past weekish.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Coming soon....

M over at Everyday Stuff has been nagging for a post about my snazzy new computer and I promise it's coming just as soon as I figure out how to use my new computer!

Also coming:
A's first month! A whole month already!
Garage Sales

Sunday, June 8, 2008


She slept through the night! Woohoo!

I doubt it will be repeated any time soon, but today I am thrilled!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Stay at Home Mom. Yep. It's what I do, and happily so. When other women find out that I stay at home with my kiddos, they generally have one of three responses.

1. I am wasting my intellect and skills.

2. Sweet, so am I! Let's meetup for a playdate.

3. I wish I could stay home with my kids, but there is no way we could live off one income.

I think it's completely a woman's choice to choose to work inside or outside of the home. I am not going to argue that one is superior to the other or that one solution works for every family. Google SAHM and I am sure you can find some very strong opinions for either side.

When the third response comes up, it always makes me a little sad for that mom. I ran into a friend tonight at Target (big surprise) and her eyes sparkled as she pointed out to her husband that I was a stay at home mom and wouldn't it be great if she could stay home with her infant son. She is happy with the care arrangement they have while she works and is happy with her job, but she still yearns to be with her baby. Her husband agreed it would be great for her to be home but financially they just couldn't swing it. They want to buy a house and pay off some bills and there would just be no way to have it all. I challenged them to really look at how they spend their money and what the true costs of working are. Gas, dry cleaning, day care, eating out... it really adds up! Plus, the more you earn the more taxes you pay in higher income brackets.

We are not wealthy. My husband does not make oodles of cash allowing me to stay home. We live comfortably, but not extravagantly. We are considered "low income" by the government. We have made a choice to live frugally and that has certainly enabled me to stay home. I don't feel that we have sacrificed living well though.

We drive older cars that we paid cash for. Yes, they are less cool and yes, sometimes they need to be repaired. But they are paid for, we have no monthly car payment and lower insurance rates. Our insurance company also gives us a sizable discount for me being a stay at home mom and having inspected car seats.

We live in an older and smaller home. What it lacks in size, modern amenities, and bathrooms it makes up for with lots of charm and a low mortgage payment.

Hush. Keep this one on the DL. My kids rarely have new clothes. I love garage sales and have gotten them some sweet clothes for .25 a piece. We are blessed to have many friends who are done adding to their families and bring hand me down clothes over by the car load. They are thrilled to get it out of their houses and I am thrilled to take it. I do buy them clothes, just stuff I really love that they really need.

We don't eat out too often. Although, we got really bad during my pregnancy and ate out way more than we usually would. The flip side is, now we are too chicken to go out to eat with 2 kids at any place that doesn't have a slide in it. I don't really like to cook very much either, so when I do I double or triple the recipe and freeze the extras.

So, I guess we have made sacrifices for me to be home with the kids, but they don't feel like sacrifices.

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Come here baby

Every day, at least a dozen times a day, I hear the sweetest little voice say:

"Come here baby. I hold you. I want to hold her. Where pillow? Sit on couch. I hold her."

While he holds her:

"See toes. Where shoes?"

"See eye." (pokes her in eye) .

"See nose." ( shoves finger up her nose)

"See mouth." (lets her suck on his fingers)

"Where belly? There it is!" (pulls her onesie down to check that it's still there)

"Baby crying. Why crying?" (umm, maybe because you poked her in the EYE)

"All finished. Get up NOW."

Thats my cue to grab her before he hurls her to the floor...

"Go play trains? Ok! Play trains."

After a few minutes of playing trains....

"Come here baby. I want to hold her."

Don't cry Babe in Boyland.... it's not always so sweet. He did try and kill her off this morning by feeding her a cheerio, last week he tripped over her (tummy time has now been moved to her crib.), and a few incidents of hurling plastic food at her head. He laughs hysterically anytime she really gets screaming, particularly in the car.

On the craft table...

Korker ribbons for oodles of little girl hair bows. :) I am using ribbons from her "pink" shower this past Saturday and from my ribbon stash.


My husband has been in his final interview for the local fire department for 2 hours and 1o minutes.

I am praying, praying, praying. His interview yesterday was about and hour and a half so I hope it's going ok. I would LOVE to close the door on 3 years of travel, testing, and interviewing. I would love to see my husband have the job he really wants. Praying, lots of praying.

The wait is driving me crazy.

The dear children must sense I need distraction today. Moo fed his sister a cheerio this morning. I managed to fish it out of her mouth before she choked on it, but WOW was she mad. A good 20 minutes of red faced, spit-up inducing screaming. Little Miss and I are both on our third set of clothes for the day between spit-up and blow-outs. I swear our laundry load has quadrupled since she has been born.

2 hours and 22 minutes. Agh.

The wait is driving me crazy.

It's not going to be pretty if he went back to work with out calling to let me know how it went....

UPDATE! Yeah, he totally went to work with out calling his wife. Nice. Anyways, he is suitable for employment, meaning he can be hired pending the approval of a fire board and assuming he passes medical and drug tests. So YAY!!!

On the subject of the hubby, he is obsessed with Coke rewards points. And being the Yankees we are, we don't drink Coke products other than Powerade. He has been using oodles of coupons to build his stockpile. I think the most he has paid is .30 a piece!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Eco Tot

On the way to church this morning, my husband and I were talking about gas guzzling cars. Specifically, his theory that we will soon be hip for driving a fuel efficient station wagon. He can keep dreaming!

M burst out from the back seat:
"No big cars, mama. No big."

He is earth minded already....


Sunday June 1, 2003

Five years! It's gone by so FAST!

We are celebrating by my husband frantically prepping for an interview tomorrow (prayers, please) and me doing kid duty. And they say romance is dead!