Saturday, June 21, 2008

slow summer saturdays

Little Miss has started smiling. Not the gassy or sleepy baby smiles, but the look you in the eye melt your mama's heart smile. I, like every sleep deprived mom of a newborn, eagerly anticipates this acknowledgment that not only does she appreciate my efforts, she may even like me! I ran to get my camera to capture it and I got this instead:

The infamous "my arms are trying to kill me" scream. She is sooooooooooo afraid of her arms. It's like a low budget horror flick every time she startles. I, sadly, find it incredibly amusing.

Moo insisted on climbing in her crib and reading books to her. I managed to capture it on video, but I have no idea how to post video on here. It was really cute and sweet until he kicked her in the head and she started wailing. Good times.