Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One Month!

Little Miss in her dedication dress at 6 days old and one month. It's really more of a shirt now than a dress and I had to let the straps all the way out! The little dress she has on below has been passed all around our church, i think she is the 5th one to wear it!

Little Miss hit the one month mark yesterday. I am torn between being in morning that the newborn stage is coming to an end, being in shock about how quickly time flew by, or eagerly anticipating the fun milestones ahead. I wish they would stay little for just a few weeks longer than they do! I haven't started her baby book yet, so for now this is her virtual baby book.

Snippets of her first month:

She often smiles and laughs in her sleep. It is the sweetest thing. I have captured a few sleep smiles on camera but not a sleep laugh.

She eats like it's going out of style. 10 minutes for a full feeding (both sides). She is then really uncomfortable until she burps or throws up her entire meal. Good times!

She loves to be really, really warm. She shivers often when not wrapped in one, two, or three blankets. She loves sitting outside in her bouncy seat in the hot, dry weather.

There are two things in life she finds utterly unacceptable. Her car seat. And her arms. I need to break out the video camera and capture the complete terror that overtakes her when she startles and her arms get away from her. Unfortunately for her, the car seat is not negotiable and we just let her scream it out until she falls asleep or throws up.

She craves human contact, she would love to be held 24/7. M wanted to be put down to sleep, but not her! She would love to sleep on us or next to us for every nap!


Mother Ring said...

She's grown so much!

Moses was a clingy sleeper, too. If it weren't for my Moby Wrap I wouldn't have gotten anything done.

You and your hubby make some cute kids!