Thursday, June 12, 2008

five shirt day

I think from now on I will just give my husband the run down of our day by telling him how many shirts I have gone through in a day. One shirt being miraculous, two or three shirts pretty average day and so on. It wouldn't be any indication of the day being good or bad, just an indication of the amount of laundry to be done that night!

Today is a five shirt day. And it's only 5pm.

4 shirts of mine spit up on by my lovely and talented daughter and one dear friend drenched in the deluge of a whole meal by little miss. She let my daughter finish spitting up before handing her off and insisted I clean and dress the baby before even thinking of getting her a towel. Any less of a friend may have dropped my baby on the floor in disgust!


Mother Ring said...

LOL! Bless your heart. At least you are passed the milk circles (I hope)!

(No worries, I just saw that jacket earlier today and loved it. I didn't knock loudly because I was afraid of waking up Little Miss. Hope it keeps her from shivering ;))