Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Come here baby

Every day, at least a dozen times a day, I hear the sweetest little voice say:

"Come here baby. I hold you. I want to hold her. Where pillow? Sit on couch. I hold her."

While he holds her:

"See toes. Where shoes?"

"See eye." (pokes her in eye) .

"See nose." ( shoves finger up her nose)

"See mouth." (lets her suck on his fingers)

"Where belly? There it is!" (pulls her onesie down to check that it's still there)

"Baby crying. Why crying?" (umm, maybe because you poked her in the EYE)

"All finished. Get up NOW."

Thats my cue to grab her before he hurls her to the floor...

"Go play trains? Ok! Play trains."

After a few minutes of playing trains....

"Come here baby. I want to hold her."

Don't cry Babe in Boyland.... it's not always so sweet. He did try and kill her off this morning by feeding her a cheerio, last week he tripped over her (tummy time has now been moved to her crib.), and a few incidents of hurling plastic food at her head. He laughs hysterically anytime she really gets screaming, particularly in the car.


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, this is the most precious post!


Mother Ring said...

I read aloud the poking part to Dave and that did it. I'm on the verge of tears. We've both expressed concern about Moses poking his brother repeatedly since he already does that to our dog. It's somehow endearing.

Love your new blog header!

Everyday stuff said...

Hey is so smitten with her! He's just got the biggest smile on his face while he holds her thats so freaking sweet!