Monday, June 23, 2008

Robeez Rehab

My mom got me some Halloween Robeez a couple months ago for a steal. I love Robeez! They are size 6-12 months and probably wouldn't fit little miss quite yet at Halloween. Plus we don't celebrate Halloween, so they probably wouldn't get worn at all.

So I decided the Robeez needed a little rehab. First I took the pumpkins off. Then I painted the orange cuffs PINK. I love that I can have pink stuff in my house now! Then I made 2 felt cupcakes and attached them to the shoes. Add two little buttons stitched and glued tightly on and ta da!

I like them! Not sure why a cupcake would need a cherry, but it's cute!


Mother Ring said...

I like your version way better! That cupcake is so cute and looks yummy. With the cherry, they remind me of these, which I've been coveting.

jordan said...

these are great!!

kirstin said...