Thursday, June 26, 2008

fun with felt

It sounds so retro. Fun with Felt.

My friend M over at Everyday Stuff started this felt obsession about a year ago with her discovery of Giddy Giddy Hairclips. Their hair clips are so cute and fun! M and I decided to try recreating them and it was just FUN to do! Of course, thats what M and I do. Spend hours on IM sending links back and forth of various crafty things we like and hate while commiserating about parenting and husbands. For someone who only had a bald little boy at the time, I got way to into making felt hair clips!

Over Christmas, I tried adding a little felt to a bunch of plain white onesies and even a pair of jeans. Again, awfully girly for someone with a boy! It was also super easy and fun to add felt to onesises. I had many more ideas of designs for the onesies, but morning noon and night sickness really killed my crafting buzz.

Yesterday I was cleaning out my closet (maternity clothes, anyone, anyone?) when I found some old wool sweaters that do to some over zealous washing would never fit again. I remembered the hip girls over at kojo designs having a cool tutorial a couple months back about felting wool and decided to give it a try! It was really simple and fun. the only hiccup being I had to do the process twice since I don't have a fancy washer and dryer with the sanitize setting. :) I am not sure what I will use it for, it's much thicker and softer than store bought felt. I think it will make some nice winter hats for my little Texans who hate wearing hats....


Mother Ring said...

Those are precious! All your crafting is inspiring--thankfully, it's my last week of summer school so I'll have more time for it soon.

I love the little clips (and M's, too) and clothes you've done. I wish I had a reason to do "cutesy" but I don't think Moses would appreciate it in his adulthood. Can we make it cool for boys to wear hair clips?

lfhcreative said...

I don't think it's appropriate... but m has modeled tutus and hair clips on more than one occasion for me.... much to my husbands horror!