Tuesday, June 24, 2008

car seat woes

I really, really like car seats. I *almost* have a car seat fetish.

Right now I have a love hate relationship with my daughter's car seat. It makes her puke, a lot. About half the time I put her in it, she loses the entirety of her last meal. Before the car even starts moving. She usually isn't upset at all when I put her in the seat and she throws up and has been burped thoroughly. Her clothes, her car seat straps, her car seat cover, and the burp rags, and blankets I try to catch it with will all be completely drenched.

Since car seat covers and straps aren't supposed to be washed, this presents a problem. I am at a loss as how to make her not throw up in the first place or to minimize the mess when she does throw-up.

I got her car seat inspected by a certified car seat tech before she was born and we use it correctly, but here are some photos of it installed in the car on our level driveway.

I am open to moving her to a new convertible seat or reinstalling her seat to adjust the recline if I can safely, whatever will help!