Friday, October 2, 2009


Wow. Sorry, it's been really quiet around here. I knew my lack of blogging had gotten out of hand when my husband asked why I had quit my blog! He rarely reads my blog....

Anyways... since my last post we have:
- put a roof on
- sold a house
- bought a house
- ripped out 1200 sq ft of yucky pink carpet.
- ripped out 1600 sq. ft of drywall (yeah... yikes!)
- ripped out a lovely pink whirlpool tub perfectly sized for your average house cat.
- backed into our new retaining wall with our car. The wall is fine, the car... not so much.
- our main "family" car died and was then revived
- 2 old heating/ac units out... 2 new ac/heating units in (thank you, thank you!)
- new hot water heater (thank you again!)
- fixed leaks
- removed a fireplace
- re-leveled a floor
- argued, just a little
- ordered lots of stuff
- put another new roof on
- painted the upstairs cool refreshing boring white. I am in love.
- removed all the kitchen cabinets and moved them up 8 inches.
- fixed lots of electrical issues
- built a new banister
- scraped adhesive off the floor

So yeah... blogging hasn't even been on my radar! Thankfully my mother in law (and later my father in law) came and rescued us. She loved on the kids, entertained them, cooked with them, bathed them EVERY day, and just spoiled them rotten. Rotten in a really good way. I can't imagine we would have gotten anything done without her (them) here.

We have to be out of our old (we are renting now) house by the end of the month. But... just for kicks and giggles and for me to reference back to... Here is what needs to get done before we move in:

- working plumbing drains, houses on hills need special pumps to move things where they need to go.
- the massive pile of sheetrock removed from the basement. This, will be the WORST.
- the master bedroom and bath sheetrocked
- super duper baby gates
- the bee hive removed
- 1250 ft of new flooring, we will live in just the upstairs at first.
- cabinets painted and put back together
- skylights installed
- new patio doors in place
- gas turned on
- deep clean the entire house
- pack all our crap and then move it.
- clean our old house

So, we will be keeping up this frantic pace for a few more weeks! If you need something photo related, please just email me. I will get to it, I WILL. If you need anything else call me or talk to me in November. Not even kidding.

And yes it will be worth it. And yes, we think this kind of thing is fun, mostly. But seriously we will take any help we can get with the hole drywall extrication and reapplication business. ANY.