Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get out, get out, GET OUT!

Yeah. I am so over being pregnant.

Unfortunately, baby and my ob don't agree with me and think that 9 more days of contractions, dizziness, and nausea will be character building. Luckily, they have a more modest opinion than my husband who thinks induction is not natural and I should just wait for things to take their own course, even if that means a 11lb June baby. Given my recent hormonal outbursts, you would think he would want this kid out now too. When it's his body... he can call the shots!

So I have a reservation for May 8 to get this kid out.

However, my ob has the audacity to have a life of his own and his going to be gone to a conference from Friday until Wednesday of next week. Lovely. So hopefully, baby will cooperate and not be born while he is gone. Oh who am I kidding, any old doctor will do at this point!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

it only took 1000 days....

In July of 2005, we remodeled our bathroom. The wall was rotting due to a leaking window so we replaced the tub, the floor, and replaced one large window with 3 small ones. Vast improvement. However, we had to remove the old tub to put in the new one. Simple enough, except for the old tub was cast iron and about 400 lbs. Somehow we managed to shove it out on our back porch and thats where it has stayed ever since.

For at least 1000 days. Yikes.

We have talked about all the various ways to get the tub off the porch. Bribe friends, give it away, cut it up with a torch, ect. Never happened. Life got in the way.

Tonight I casually suggest my hubby drag it to the driveway so I can at least have my porch back. No problem... he drags it with a chain without hurting himself. Marvelous. I then suggest, since it is in the driveway, that he should take his sledgehammer to it and see what happens. 15 minutes later, it's in shattered pieces and loaded in the car on the way to the recycling center. 1000 days of avoiding it and it's done in less time than it takes us to drive to church.


And obviously, no baby yet. Apparently you can make backwards progress in this whole childbirth thing, so I am now farther away from delivery than I was 5 weeks ago. Marvelous. And the morning sickness still sucks....

Sunday, April 20, 2008


No baby duo yet. Just lots and lots of contractions.

This kid is just going to keep us guessing!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Saturday, April 19 @ 4pm

Well, all of our friends and family have chimed in and decreed that this child must be born on Saturday afternoon as not to inconvenience anyone. :) It seems to be the one time everyone will be in town and available for new baby gushing and toddler watching.

Now if the baby will just go along with it....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

an apple 2e? cause this isn't much better...

I NEED a new computer. It's moved beyond wanting a new computer. I am trying to edit wedding and bridal portraits and it's going super slow. I manage to edit a photo or 2 before my photoshop freezes due to lack of memory.


Anyone got any advice on a good, new computer? My desktop is 7 years old (gasp!) and is well, not even close to state of the art. It's a Dell and it has held up well, but it's time for it to be demoted to internet searches and children's games.

My current desktop has XP 2002 (and that was an update!) 512 MB of RAM and a Pentium 4 processor. I have 2 internal hard drives that total 80 GB and an external hard drive that is 320 GB.

imacs are awesome, but not really a viable option with all of the architecture software I have.

I need a computer that can edit photos fast, store lots of image files, and burn cds and dvds. We aren't gamers or big online music buffs. Most of my internet time is spent on hotmail, myspace, blogs, or facebook.

Got any recommendations? We don't want to spend too much but want a simple, powerful system with a sweet monitor.

choo choo cheapo

A couple weeks ago, I was checking out artwork for above Moo's bed. Yes he still sleeps in a crib and happily so. What's it to you? :) Anyways, I came across this cool kid's modern design company called Jeeto and found this sweet train artwork.

However, I am not going to spend $220 on artwork for a passing obsession. If I am going to spend that kind of money on more kid gear, I would be buying this:

Maclaren Twin Stroller! :0 We LOVE Maclaren strollers. Worth every penny!

Chicco Keyfit 30. Not that there is anything wrong with our infant car seat, this one is just so much COOLER.

Britax regent car seat. I just wish it came in a cool boy color.... Again, we love Britax. I would buy one as a baby gift for everyone if I could!

So, not interested in going broke for artwork, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some cheap canvas and painted my own trains. A little messy and not as cool as Jeeto, but Moo loves them!

Sometimes it really is just black and white....

My nesting focused on our room the other day. After nearly 5 years of marriage, it was crying out for a pick me up. Moo was a great sport and little helper as I cleared the room, reupholstered the headboard, hung 15 photos, and made the bed with brand new sheets. We made the black and white wall behind the bed a couple weeks ago to block a window. It is covered with this sweet fuzzy wrapping paper from Hallmark. Cheap and fun and flammable!

I am cheap, not frugal, cheap. I have wanted pure white bedding since before we were married. So for 5 years, I have been looking for a nice white duvet set at a good price. A couple weeks ago Target had a bunch of bedding 75% off and I found a couple nice white duvets! Woohoo! I bought a king for the bed and a twin to recover the headboard and make pillow shams. Our room seems so much bigger now and so lush.

The empty frames above the bed will be filled up with new family photos after little bit arrives in a few weeks. I do after all, have 480 more free prints at CVS to use up by the end of the year...

Moo has found it a fitting spot to chill... I just love how simple the photos are on the white bed!

No idea what's coming....

Not only can I not see my feet, my 2 year-old can hide under my belly without me seeing him!

His little world is about to be shattered. And he has NO idea. Maybe it's because he's a boy and maybe it's because he is in denial or perhaps just oblivious, but Moo has no idea of the upheaval that is about to unfold in his life. We have talked about the baby, read books about being a big brother, and showed him all of the baby clothes and gear. And nothing. I am preparing myself for one serious tantrum when we get home from the hospital. Any advice?

Below is my attempt at self maternity photos. I was trying to be all artsy fartsy (technical term). Oh well, live and learn!

Rainy Day

Still here, still contracting. This kid is going to keep us guessing....

I have lots of photos to post of little projects I have been working on to keep myself occupied, but I am currently being held captive in my chair by a tiny curly haired terror who insists I count glue bottles and glue sticks with him. Note to self: maybe I should move the craft supplies out of his reach. Yesterday my husband found my really sharp sewing scissors in the little man's workbench. Oops.

I swear I am not that bad a mother....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I had my 34 week ultrasound today. All is well. The head is down (yay!!!) and he or she is measuring a week ahead of schedule @ 5lbs 9oz. I doubt that is accurate or even close after our first kiddo, who measured well over 5lbs at 32 weeks and was born 6 weeks later weighing 6lbs 7 oz. We got to see him or her sucking on his or her lip and moving around. I also got some much needed help in determining which body part is poking out where.

More curious, I think I saw some, umm, well boy parts.

Or maybe a daughter with a tumor.

Or maybe I am completely inept at looking at ultrasounds and saw an elbow.

I will have to compare with my husband and see what he thinks. I had a similar instance with M and passed it off as the umbilical cord. Hmmm.