Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I had my 34 week ultrasound today. All is well. The head is down (yay!!!) and he or she is measuring a week ahead of schedule @ 5lbs 9oz. I doubt that is accurate or even close after our first kiddo, who measured well over 5lbs at 32 weeks and was born 6 weeks later weighing 6lbs 7 oz. We got to see him or her sucking on his or her lip and moving around. I also got some much needed help in determining which body part is poking out where.

More curious, I think I saw some, umm, well boy parts.

Or maybe a daughter with a tumor.

Or maybe I am completely inept at looking at ultrasounds and saw an elbow.

I will have to compare with my husband and see what he thinks. I had a similar instance with M and passed it off as the umbilical cord. Hmmm.


Everyday stuff said...

If you want to know that bad just open up the envelope...but you have waited this long!