Wednesday, April 9, 2008

an apple 2e? cause this isn't much better...

I NEED a new computer. It's moved beyond wanting a new computer. I am trying to edit wedding and bridal portraits and it's going super slow. I manage to edit a photo or 2 before my photoshop freezes due to lack of memory.


Anyone got any advice on a good, new computer? My desktop is 7 years old (gasp!) and is well, not even close to state of the art. It's a Dell and it has held up well, but it's time for it to be demoted to internet searches and children's games.

My current desktop has XP 2002 (and that was an update!) 512 MB of RAM and a Pentium 4 processor. I have 2 internal hard drives that total 80 GB and an external hard drive that is 320 GB.

imacs are awesome, but not really a viable option with all of the architecture software I have.

I need a computer that can edit photos fast, store lots of image files, and burn cds and dvds. We aren't gamers or big online music buffs. Most of my internet time is spent on hotmail, myspace, blogs, or facebook.

Got any recommendations? We don't want to spend too much but want a simple, powerful system with a sweet monitor.


Everyday stuff said...

just so you know DONT click that link, its a virus...the imac does tell you that! I think HP are supposed to have come out with some pretty sweet desk tops for photos and running editing software but I dont know what the prices are! The thing about the imac is you can still run windows on it, and use what is called boot camp and you can get that for free from mac, and so you can keep all your current stuff, however you do be come addicted to the way mac runs everything so much better!