Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get out, get out, GET OUT!

Yeah. I am so over being pregnant.

Unfortunately, baby and my ob don't agree with me and think that 9 more days of contractions, dizziness, and nausea will be character building. Luckily, they have a more modest opinion than my husband who thinks induction is not natural and I should just wait for things to take their own course, even if that means a 11lb June baby. Given my recent hormonal outbursts, you would think he would want this kid out now too. When it's his body... he can call the shots!

So I have a reservation for May 8 to get this kid out.

However, my ob has the audacity to have a life of his own and his going to be gone to a conference from Friday until Wednesday of next week. Lovely. So hopefully, baby will cooperate and not be born while he is gone. Oh who am I kidding, any old doctor will do at this point!