Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crafty Distraction

Tomorrow is the big day... or at least thats the plan. I'll update here when I can, hopefully from the hospital! In the meantime, I have been distracting myself with all sorts of little projects. The main one being coming up with a dedication outfit for a baby boy and a baby girl. Our church does dedications twice a year, Mother's Day and a random Sunday in November. To my formerly Lutheran husband, it is sacrilege to let your child learn how to roll over before you dedicate them. So we will TRY (crazy... crazy.. I know) to try and make it this Sunday. With a 3 day old.... and a 2 year old. Hence the need for 2 outfits. My friend M has been politely hinting for some photos so here they are.

Keep in mind 2 things. I don't sew clothes. Ever. I am a straight line sewing kinda girl. So the dress is my first article of clothing ever to sew in entirety. Be kind. And 2, the photos SUCK. It has been raining here for days and there isn't any natural light to be had.

First the little man outfit: I got the idea for the onesie from this site: leila and ben.
Moo has a matching one in a bigger size and my husband requested one too.... umm no. Dork.
The rest of the outfit is from Moo's baby days or Target's dwell studio. Love their Dwell line!

I also made just a few pacifer clips. It is my optimistic hope that this kid will take one as M has been a die hard thumb sucker for all but 6 weeks of his life.

Now the little miss outfit.
I went a little crazy here, but I LOVE little girl clothes, hair clips, ect. Infinitely more fun than boy clothes. The dress is made out of one of our wedding decorations. I got the template here, but it was way to small and I had to go and make things difficult by adding lots of ruffles. I like ruffles, what can I say. The hat and baby legs are made from a pair of little girl tights and I adore them. and the felt hair clips were inspired by this site.


Erika said...

Hey, I'm praying for and am so interested to find out what your new little munchkin turns out to be! : ) Lucy is going to be deticated on Mother's Day too! But she won't be wearing something I made her... she might, however wear one of MY baby dresses that my grandma made for me.

Great work on both outfits! You're inspiring me! : )

Mother Ring said...

Aw, they are both adorable! I can't wait to hear your news! Good luck tomorrow!

I'm in love with the ties (yours and Leila). I almost bought a Wal-Mart onesie with a tie, but it wasn't nearly as cute as yours. Good job mama!

Everyday stuff said...

thank you for that! I will be over at your house to help photography a child in one of those outfits! I'm very impressed with you and your dress making skills! I've made a few of those ties already and well I think they are fantastic!

jordan said...

yay for tomorrow being the big day! can't wait to read the post. Kirsty is also making a boy and girl outfit. p.s. I love the leila&ben website!

Tickled Pink Housewife said...

I love those hats! How cute are they? I hope all goes well today, and that you'll have a fantastic Mother's Day with your two little ones!

Everyday stuff said...