Thursday, May 22, 2008


My husband has a new love. If you were to ask him , he would insist that it isn't any different than when M was a newborn. He would say he loves and treats them exactly the same. He is so smitten he is delusional. M was my baby. Sure, my husband was there when he was born and was completely taken with him. My husband was in school 20 hours a week and working full time when M was born. He didn't have much time or energy to just admire his son. And M has always been a mama's boy and daddy has always been second fiddle.

He gets up with her in the morning and will sleep on the floor next to her bouncy seat so she can rest. He steals her away as soon as he comes home and lavishes her with cuddles and kisses. He admires her girly little outfits and tells her she will never, ever get to date. She gives him smiles in her sleep and he just melts. He simply adores her. I am not sure if she is a daddy's girl but she definately has him wrapped around her little finger. He is so smitten that he has requested another baby right away. Tomorrow if I could arrange it.

Ummm, no. I told him we will talk about it when he is 30!


Everyday stuff said...

Its something about daddy's and their daughters. Josh is already asking when we can have another one because he wants another daughter (you would think that he would want all boys but know there's something very special) I love it!

I also love the photos of M And little Miss they are so sweet together and if for some reason they dont get along when they grow up then you'll have those photos to show each other just how much they loved each other! its very sweet!

Mother Ring said...

I'm going to have to un-bookmark your blog until this pregnancy is over because your last few posts have made me cry like a baby. Too, too sweet.