Tuesday, May 27, 2008

House Arrest

If you need me, I am at home. Indefinitely.

I am on house arrest. My car is in the shop this week as we do our part to stimulate the economy by running up thousands of dollars in repair bills. So glad we can do our part to help our country. I suppose I could use my husband's car this week and let him ride his bike to work, but there are 2 problems with that plan.

1. His car has no air conditioning.
I guess thats not such a big problem other than I detest arriving places completely drenched in sweat from the black leather interior. Yuck. I also will not put a newborn in a car without AC.

2. His car is a stick shift.
I have never really mastered the stick shift and still have horrific flashbacks of rolling back down a mountain hill in Colorado while my mom yelled at me to get it in gear. Fun, fun times. It was in that moment that my parents swore up and down that they would never buy another standard transmission. I have had a bit of a mental block about it since then and come up with lots of convenient excuses not to learn. My current excuse is that I do not think it is wise to learn to drive with my precious toddler and newborn in the car as I would surely kill at least one of us.

So I will be home. All week. Maybe longer. I think my house may actually get cleaned this week.

Edited to add: I just read this and realized it reads like I am really annoyed by being home all week. I actually am quite the homebody and am looking forward to just being HOME!


Mother Ring said...

If you are ever up for a park visit, let me know!

Robin said...

As we have early release days this week, I should swing by one day after school. I could make you come to Wal
Mart with me. My car works. :)

Miss you!