Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And there were 2!

It's my third day flying solo with the kiddos. So far, so good. M has thrown random pieces of plastic food at his "sitar baby" in a few moments of angst. Mostly he offers her a paci and moves on to Thomas the Train and torturing the cat. Poor, poor kitty.

We did make it to the baby dedication on Mother's Day. We were greeted with your crazy at least a dozen times but both kids did great waiting our turn. Our church family has been praying for that little miss since September when I went on bed rest and it looked like we would lose her. She became a member of our church's family long before her birth and it was neat to be able to dedicate her as such a tiny baby. I didn't take any photos though. Oops!

We have survived 2 doctor's visit, a trip to church, and 2 trips to Target as a trio. It's different and takes infinitely longer and more patience. Miss thing loves her sling and that has been my saving grace to get out of the house.

Little Miss is mostly doing wonderfully. She has jaundice like M did, but a much less severe case. She is really sleepy because of the jaundice and would sleep around the clock if we let her. Her father let her sleep for nearly 7 hours straight the other night! Oops! We are supposed to be feeding her every 2-3 hours to help get rid of the jaundice. I feel a little guilty about sleeping so long myself, but it was pretty glorious too! I am having so much fun dressing her up, although only her preemie clothes fit!

The biggest challenge by far has been getting nursing going. I really took for advantage how easy it was with M. It's just a whole different ball game this time. I think it may be way TMI for a blog, but lets just 2 vicodin did virtually nothing to reduce the pain over the weekend. And my daughter and I have both cried all the way through several feedings. Mercifully, things are going well now.

More than any other emotion, I feel blessed and so incredibly thankful. She is here and she is wonderful. My son is more amazing than ever.


Mother Ring said...

Good job making it solo! I've worried about that first day I'm alone with two.

I'm sorry nursing is starting out so rough. I don't think I would have made it if it weren't for my nipple shields.

What's your new sweetie's name? Can you share that online or not?