Wednesday, December 31, 2008

patient a

She looks so sweet and innocent. But don't be fooled, this little girl packs some serious dynamite. Her precious giggles were apparently laced with a nasty strain of flu and she took out nearly our entire family over Christmas. She even gave everyone a stealth version of the flu that was triggered by travel resulting in some really miserable drives and flights home for all involved.

Only 4 remain, who will be the next to fall....

And to the businesses along US HWY 82, I have no idea where the puke bags came from. None.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ol' blue eyes

crafting from the stash: wool felt hats

The girls over at kojo found this great idea from Martha Stewart on using felt to make fun little hats. Really simple. I stitched both of the kids hats by hand, it would be even easier with a sewing machine. I made mine a little big (oops) and then felted them again in the washer which shrunk them down to the perfect size.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

crafting from the stash: percy and petunia

These were really simple and very easy. Moo really loved helping pick buttons and colors for the monsters. These are basically funny shaped pillows. Take some old fabric draw a monster shape, add weird eyes and mouth, sew, and stuff. Moo named his Percy after Thomas the Tank Engines best friend Percy. Obsessed.

crafting from the trash: petticoat on the cheap

I really like the fancy petticoats you can find on etsy and photographers sites for little girls. They are over the top princess, love it. I wanted to make one of my own but was leery of sewing all that slippery fabric. I picked up this girls slip at a consignment sale a couple months ago for a dollar. I cut the top off and added another layer of tulle (left from our wedding!) to make it more fluffy. It was pretty simple and Ella Bella loves wearing it and playing with all the fluff.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I often tease my husband mercilessly for his little life mishaps. For example, dressing Ella Bella in a sweater and t-shirt. Most of us would put the t-shirt on, then the sweater. Nope. Not my husband. Sweater then t-shirt. Poor guy.

God must be thinking I need to learn a little humility in this area.

For example, cutting decorative pine cones off your pre-lit Christmas tree is not the best idea. It may result in snipping the Christmas lights and mildly shocking yourself. Not that I would do that. I also wouldn't realize after cloth diapering for nearly 3 months that the container I have been putting dirty diapers in wasn't completely waterproof. Or a couple weeks ago when I took newborn photos of my friends baby and deleted them all before I left her house. Nooooooooo, not me. Oh well.

Well, now you know..... I am seriously flawed.

Back to regular, photo filled postings soon. And, gee this is suppossed to be a creative blog and all I do is yammer on about my kids. I promise some easy creative projects are coming.