Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I often tease my husband mercilessly for his little life mishaps. For example, dressing Ella Bella in a sweater and t-shirt. Most of us would put the t-shirt on, then the sweater. Nope. Not my husband. Sweater then t-shirt. Poor guy.

God must be thinking I need to learn a little humility in this area.

For example, cutting decorative pine cones off your pre-lit Christmas tree is not the best idea. It may result in snipping the Christmas lights and mildly shocking yourself. Not that I would do that. I also wouldn't realize after cloth diapering for nearly 3 months that the container I have been putting dirty diapers in wasn't completely waterproof. Or a couple weeks ago when I took newborn photos of my friends baby and deleted them all before I left her house. Nooooooooo, not me. Oh well.

Well, now you know..... I am seriously flawed.

Back to regular, photo filled postings soon. And, gee this is suppossed to be a creative blog and all I do is yammer on about my kids. I promise some easy creative projects are coming.