Sunday, November 30, 2008

keeping it simple

I am hoping for a simple Christmas. I want to enjoy these precious days of celebration with my sweet kids and family. I want to say yes to friends and family and enjoying the simple things in the holiday. Yes to long evenings of hot chocolate, good company, and imperfection.

But, can you feel it?

The ads, the craziness, the shopping frenzy, the frantic cookie making, the wrapping, the lines, the cursing (or is that just me?). It tries to suck me. It tempts me with alluring deals and superficial holiday merriment in the form of gaudy Christmas decorations.

The truth is this.

I don't need another thing.
My kids don't need another toy.
My husband doesn't need another gadget.

It was simple. One baby. One starry night. One stable. One promise fulfilled.

That is what I want my kids to learn about Christmas.

So, we will be keeping it simple.