Saturday, November 15, 2008

before I forget....

Eh, this might be of some interest to the grandmothers. My apologies to everyone else.

Ella Bella's latest stats @ 6 months old.
19lbs 7oz and 27.5 inches long.
95% height, 95% weight, and 60% head.

Also, what would you do in this predicament. You feed your child with plans of giving her and her brother a bath afterwords. You burp her and she proceeds to "toss" the "whole load" directly down your shirt. She has a little bit of mess on her, but not nearly the half gallon (slight exaggeration) that you are covered in, mostly in your hair.

What would you do?

If you are me, you say see ya kids.... pop in the wiggles, warn your 2 -year old of the perils of hurting little sis and go take a nice long shower yourself. And wash your hair several times... Eh, probably not the BEST choice... but it sure was refreshing!


Faith said...

Hahah! So sorry that happened! Yay for nice refreshing showers though. They can't do it when/where it's convenient. Well actually, it's a good thing that you had not gone out! :)

Julie said...

In your situation that's what I would have done!

We had a throw up situation recently, for the whole story see my facebook. But the jist is Catherine throws up all over me and herself, Matt tries to catch it and it makes a lovely mess in the showroom of a car dealership. We stripped her down put her in the only clean item of clothing we had for her, a jacket, and got her home. Matt gave her a bath while I took a shower. Thankfully Matt was there to help.