Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sometimes it really is just black and white....

My nesting focused on our room the other day. After nearly 5 years of marriage, it was crying out for a pick me up. Moo was a great sport and little helper as I cleared the room, reupholstered the headboard, hung 15 photos, and made the bed with brand new sheets. We made the black and white wall behind the bed a couple weeks ago to block a window. It is covered with this sweet fuzzy wrapping paper from Hallmark. Cheap and fun and flammable!

I am cheap, not frugal, cheap. I have wanted pure white bedding since before we were married. So for 5 years, I have been looking for a nice white duvet set at a good price. A couple weeks ago Target had a bunch of bedding 75% off and I found a couple nice white duvets! Woohoo! I bought a king for the bed and a twin to recover the headboard and make pillow shams. Our room seems so much bigger now and so lush.

The empty frames above the bed will be filled up with new family photos after little bit arrives in a few weeks. I do after all, have 480 more free prints at CVS to use up by the end of the year...

Moo has found it a fitting spot to chill... I just love how simple the photos are on the white bed!


Mother Ring said...

First off, your room looks great, and I love everything you've done, too.

I'm actually in the process of making something similar to your black-and-white masterpiece for above our bed but with fabric. The window above our bed isn't centered on the wall and looks weird.

I really love the white, too. I'm not clean enough for white. I almost bought the orange of the same sale duvet, but couldn't find matching shams!

I'm happy you found so much for your new, nested bedroom!