Tuesday, April 22, 2008

it only took 1000 days....

In July of 2005, we remodeled our bathroom. The wall was rotting due to a leaking window so we replaced the tub, the floor, and replaced one large window with 3 small ones. Vast improvement. However, we had to remove the old tub to put in the new one. Simple enough, except for the old tub was cast iron and about 400 lbs. Somehow we managed to shove it out on our back porch and thats where it has stayed ever since.

For at least 1000 days. Yikes.

We have talked about all the various ways to get the tub off the porch. Bribe friends, give it away, cut it up with a torch, ect. Never happened. Life got in the way.

Tonight I casually suggest my hubby drag it to the driveway so I can at least have my porch back. No problem... he drags it with a chain without hurting himself. Marvelous. I then suggest, since it is in the driveway, that he should take his sledgehammer to it and see what happens. 15 minutes later, it's in shattered pieces and loaded in the car on the way to the recycling center. 1000 days of avoiding it and it's done in less time than it takes us to drive to church.


And obviously, no baby yet. Apparently you can make backwards progress in this whole childbirth thing, so I am now farther away from delivery than I was 5 weeks ago. Marvelous. And the morning sickness still sucks....


Sarah said...

you still have morning sickness? I'm soooo sorry!

We had a GREAT weekend...getting breakfast and coffee, a pedicure for me, cigar smoking for Paul, a movie in the theater, lunch...it was fabulous.

Can't believe there's no baby. I guess its good for him/her to stay as long as possible!