Friday, February 12, 2010

crafting from the stash: toddling twin tutu's

I have a dear friend from up 'north who has 2 adorable little twin girls. They are just so precious! I have been mulling over what fun thing I could send her way for her precious little girls so last week when my craft studio was finally operational I whipped up a little valentines love for her cuties. twin tutus, i heart my sister onesies and some legwarmers. Too bad they are in the midst of a MAJOR home renovation (think lifting a 100 year old house off it's foundation) and the house is a little cold for running around like a ballerina. Spring is coming!

I'll be getting a tutorial up on the reverse applique shirts up because I am kicking myself for not trying it earlier. It was frustrating to keep all the letters in place until I raided my kids art drawer....


Tracy said...

And we ABSOLUTELY LOVE them. :) The girls ADORE the tutus and I am praying for some weather to do them justice with the camera. :) Thank you Laura you rock! :)

kirstin said...

ummm, these are FANTASTIC.
I'd LOVE a tutorial, please. :)