Monday, March 9, 2009

hot date and dung stationary

Our friend R is a rock star and PAID for us to go on a date and watched our little anklebiters for FREE. I am pretty sure I get the better end of our friendship. We love you R! Thanks for being our kid's "local" aunt.

It's been eons since we went on a real get dressed up, wear uncomfortable shoes, eat fancy food date. Maybe it's never happened, but it certainly has happened since Moo was just a few weeks old we left him with M & J. And that was memorable, for them!

We are rusty at dating but had fun inspite of ourselves. We ate fancy food with the wrong silverware. No one grabbed food off my plate or threw a tantrum. Heaven. We didn't even talk about the kids, I don't think.

We topped the date off with a run to wags for formula and diapers. Back to reality.

When we got home, R gave us this very fun card made out of elephant poop.

elephant dung.

And it didn't even smell.

We were both greatly amused by the elephant on the pot in the card explanation.

Hot date indeed.