Monday, October 27, 2008

officially a wimpy white boy

1. This is a great book dad.
2. Really interesting. Check out that starfish.
3. Hey, why is that lady messing with my back.

60 plus pricks and 3 vials of blood later.....

He is allergic!

Moo is officially allergic to peanuts, which we have suspected since his first birthday. An extra special bonus is finding out that he is also allergic to eggs. And milk. And shellfish. Woohoo! Feeding him is going to be FUN! Actually, we give him milk and dairy every day and eggs several times a week with no adverse reactions so we can continue doing that. Thankfully (or not), his "asthma" seems to be a systemic allergic reaction to peanuts or peanut dust. Unfortunately for him, we live in the middle of a giant peanut filed here in West Texas.

This is just the pricks on his little back, both his arms had them in 3 rows up and down the length of his arms. The ones on his back were all "neagative" and his left arm looked like one giant hive by the time we left since thats where the peanut was. They actually had to give him zyrtec and benadryl before we left because he had broken out in hives from the peanuts.

I guess he will be playing in a plastic bubble with our little nieghbor M and his good friend L and they can have a grand time eating peanut-lactose-shellfish-egg free snacks.


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Faith said...

That's always fun... I found out that I was slightly allergic to peanuts, never knew that. When my asthma is acting up, I lighten up on the dairy, but I love milk so it's hard!

Tickled Pink Housewife said...

I too am allergic to milk but I just deal with the consequences. As a small child we couldn't figure out why I was so ill, but it was milk. I decided that being sick was worth getting to enjoy milk and ice cream. The pictures of his back make me want to cry too. I hope he got a "treat" for the poking and prodding.