Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the dark ages...

Posting on the ol' blog has been sparse these past months. Apparently, we moved to a bit of an internet black hole. We can get internet here but it will run us about $80 a month for a max speed of 256 whatever. In other words, 3 times what we were paying for 1/4 of the speed. So for now, we have decided to go sans home internet. I have an iphone and hubs has good internet at work. The only flub is I can't blog from home. So, I have to wait till I am in town sans kids to coffee shop it and blog. Blogging is cheap therapy so I don't want to give it up, but it's also not worth spending $1000 a year on. They only other thing I need internet for is updating client galleries. I will be taking down my photography site in about six weeks as well. I don't need it. I am having too much fun remodeling, traveling, and being mom to run a photography business. I'll keep taking photos for friends and family :) but you all get ahold of me through text, fb, phone or email anyways. No point in having a site!