Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Uncomfortable

I am torn over Christmas this year, torn between celebrating a holy holiday and all the stuff, business, and over-everything that Christmas has become. There is not a single thing I NEED from any store yet I get all panicky and excited about sales. There is nothing my children really desire but I am tempted to lavish them with gifts just because I can and it would be so pretty and fun. We need nothing and have more than enough for several families already. The more God shapes my heart for the the things he cares about the more the manic and over-indulgence of the Holiday season grates me. Jesus came as a babe to poor teenagers not to prosper the world but to save it. I can imagine I much more fitting way to honor his sacrifice than to indulge in excess while ignoring his precious children around the planet but yet I still get sucked into the holiday merriment. My heart is so torn.

A far more eloquent article on many of the things that have been rambling through my head this month: Read it! Do it!