Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Help Name Baby Duo

Ok, we need HELP! We are having the hardest time coming up with names this time around. We are at a bit of a stalemate because Sam wants really weird names and allthough I am ok with uncommon, I do not want my kids to be teased mercilessly for being named Melchizedek. Yeah. No little Mel or Zedek. These are the naming rules or guidelines....

For a boy:
1. Must be Biblical. It's a tradition on both sides of our family.
2. Can't start with M
3. The middle name can be anything....
4. Our last names starts with H so the initials can't spell anything bad or any common illegal drug.
5. Just to make it super challenging, Daniel, David, Jonathan, Matthew, Paul, Luke, Timothy, Samuel, Benjamin, John, Mark, Adam and Thomas are all out because someone in the family is all ready named them.

For a Girl:
1. Has to be feminine, no unisex names like Taylor, Micah, ect.
2. Bonus points for it being German or Scandinavian, ie Astrid... although since thats says ASS at the beginning it won't work.
3. Middle name can be anything.
4. Again no initials that would spawn name calling....

Right now the only boy name we have is Ox. Dead serious. Sam refuses to acknowledge any of my suggestions so I told him we are going with Ox because it is biblical and manly.

I should think of a prize.....