Friday, February 8, 2008

little sicky

Little man is sick. He is all feverish and completely zapped and has insisted on napping and hanging out on the couch all day. He greeted me this morning by moaning no mommy and puking on me. Good times. It has been an unexpected break from the normal non stop toddler action our house endures.

I was reading a friends blog yesterday and was so excited to read about big changes going on with her family that I spilled cream soda all in my keyboard. I cleaned it up, however, some soda got trapped under the enter button and now it hardly works. I guess I will just order a new computer :) I am sure there is a thrifty or more reasonable solution, but man I want a new computer. This one is from my first year of college and folks, thats been awhile!

Baby no name is well. Judging from all the bladder kicking and lung jabbing, he or she is also quite the athlete and or bully. We are still at a stalemate on names, particularly boy names. My dear husband is a fan of Gideon (!!!!), Elijah, and JonAS. I am not. I am not a fan of any name that ends in ASS..... Of course, I am not a fan of our 22 month old's name either, I just caved about 2 days before he was born because I NEEDED to have a name to call him. More precisely, I needed to finish all the nursery decorations :)


Sarah said...

hey laura...when are you due? the reason i ask is because 1)i want to know and 2) i am looking for someone to take some preggo pics.

we don't have a name yet stresses me out a little bit.