Monday, September 7, 2009

bright yellow sink

We have no less than a half dozen friends mid move, and a few have said that our housing perils make them feel better about,say,ugly wallpaper. So a quick update.

Our current home: this old house
-After some stern words and a early morning visit to our insurance company, an adjuster came out from the big D just to see us and voila, and our insurance will completely cover a new roof for the house and the garage. Woohoo!
- The roofers come in just a few hours, we are planning a day out to avoid the hammering.
- Closing got moves back on the buyers realization that the closing date was Labor Day. So we got an extra week to get things worked out without asking for it. God provides.

The new house: the money pit
-I am just waiting to hear our closing has been moved back because there is a surprising lack of little orange flags on the property meaning no survey has been done yet. But, as Hubs say... there are 3.5 more working days left until we close.
-We have met our new neighbors, all very nice and helpful, and discovered that the small side yard we had slated is really... well... not ours. It's quite confusing since the 2 properties have always shared the lot in the middle even though neither of the homeowners own the lot.
- The spending has already begun, a new dishwasher, freezer, and 15 gallons of premium white paint, and $1400 later.... Home Depot and Lowes are our new date spots. Sad, but true.

* yes, I will soon be the lucky owner of that lovely yellow sink and the even lovelier faux blue marble countertops. I am a lucky girl!


Tickled Pink Housewife said...

Are you sure your new style isn't crazy late 60s/ early 70s? I think it might be cheaper to change your style than change the house! = )

Tracy said...'s amazing how your issues sound like ours were...side yard that isn't ours (ours is an alley issue though), date nights at lowes...perhaps we should have talked before you bought the house and we could have encouraged you to run away quickly! :)