Saturday, January 1, 2011

bedrest: day 5


We made it to 2011! Woohoo! The goal the entire pregnancy has been for 2011 babies :) I was so excited to have it be a new year this morning. Every extra day is just that much better for their lungs and immune systems.

Sitting around doing nothing ALL day is surprisingly hard. I know, cry me a river... you would love to have an entire day to lounge around and just sit on the couch. I am so, so thankful bedrest seems to be doing it's job and mister shock and miss awe are fine and growing. We would still LOVE to avoid the nicu for our little twinks. I have been pretty good about staying on the couch and bed with the exception of 2 trips downstairs and getting maternity photos done yesterday afternoon. Even that was sitting down driving from location to location most of the time. My husband, mom, and friends have been so generous with their time to take care of Moo and Ella Bella and clean, cook, and run errands. It drives me a little nuts, I feel completely fine! I want to be mom to my kids and do all the little nesting projects around the house. I am embracing that things just won't be perfect when shock and awe arrive and that is ok. I doubt they will care about coordinating crib skirts anyways. ;)


Tracy said...

I remember that feeling, the I feel fine why the heck do I have to sit here and do nothing? can't I do just a little something here and there? :) I can't imagine what it would have been like with 2 kiddos running around too. I keep saying it and I will're doing great. :)

Tickled Pink Housewife said...

I was the worst bed rest patient! I would love a day in bed now but being forced never set well! My knitting became so much better during bed rest because it kept my hands busy and took care of nesting impulses! So glad you've made it 33+ weeks! Happy New Year!