Tuesday, January 11, 2011

thankful for my mom

I am thankful for my mom every day, but 15 days into bedrest I am amazed.

Every time Hubs has had to work since I have been on bedrest she has:
-Driven 90 mins from her home to our house.
-Arrived with dinner and groceries.
-Fed my kids, played with them and gotten them into bed.
-Waited on me, even when I have resisited.
-Woken up with the kids, fed them breakfast, got them dressed.
-Entertained the kids, dealt with increasingly numerous tantrums.
-Done laundry, picked up the house, cleaned.
-Finished random projects around the house, scraped windows of paint, sewed curtians.
-Made me sit and sit and sit.
-Watched my stomach and laughed.
-Brought me magazines and craft supplies to keep me busy.
-Made healthy foods and snacks. Fussed when I don't eat enough.
-Supported our parenting style and choices when I can't follow through.
-Prepared dinner and gotten it in the oven to be ready when Hubs walks in the door.
-Driven 90 minutes home to be home with my dad.

My mom is selflessly giving her time away from home to take care of my family. She has sewn curtains, made art books for the kids, done loads of laundry, dealt with tantrums, and even cleaned my studio. She has done it without complaint or seeming inconvience. 26 hours at a time is a whole lot of babysitting your grown daughter and her kids. We are so thankful and blessed to have her help!


jordan said...

what a blessing! so thankful that you guys have some help!

Tracy said...

I am so happy you have her support and help, a great mom is hard to find and such a blessing to have. :)