Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the mommy shift

There seems to be a bit of a misconception that life is a idyllic around here, a regular Norman Rockwell painting. Stop reading now if you want to continue thinking that!

Ok, I think they have left. This is what's real. There are a lot of super precious adorable moments around here these days. Tiny babies learning how to smile and preschoolers exploring the depths of their imaginations. We love it. It's a fleeting stage and we are embracing it. It's also messy, exhausting, and repetitive. This blog is supposed to be a place to showcase creative stuff but the most creative thing I have done lately is mix darks and lights in the laundry. Wildly creative! This a pretty typical 25 hours of solo mommy duty. Not terribly interesting ;) but some day I will be busy running 4 kids hither and yon need to be reminded of when I was an entirely different kind of busy.

5:05 Hubs heads out the door
5:08 Play a riveting game of hi ho cherry-io with Moo and Ella Bella
5:30 Nurse Awe
5:35 Shock wakes up screaming
5:36 Try to nurse Awe while giving bottle to Shock
5:38 2 screaming babies
5:39 let Awe scream, feed Shock
5:50 burp Shock put him down, nurse Awe
5:51 Shock screams in pain while Awe nurses, Burp him while feeding her
6:10 kick Awe off 6:12 make dinner for Moo and Ella Bella
6:25 dinner for Moo and Ella Bella
6:26 eat dinner on floor while holding Awe and talking to Shock
6:30 Awe in swing for nap
6:40 Shock in swing for nap
6:41 pump while getting Moo and Ella Bella in jammies, 4.5 ounces.
6:50 put in cartoon, more pumping
7:15 bottles for Shock in fridge
7:20 finish eating dinner
7:30 big kids brush teeth, story, bed
7:50 phew, rest
8:20 get bottles warmed up
8:30 feed Shock
8:45 Shock screams from gas pain
8:49 Shock pukes on me and him, new clothes all around stops screaming
8:53 quality time with Shock
8:59 Shock pukes again, another new outfit for him
9:04 Shock is swaddled and in bed
9:20 Ella Bella bashes Moo in the eye leading to both of them bawling
9:24 Force big kids to potty and then put them back to bed
9:38 Shock wakes up ???
9:40 burp lay back down
9:50 Shock fussing. Yay. Let him fuss it out.
9:58 Awe is up and she can SCREAM
10:03 Shock screaming. His arms attacked him
10:04 Awe gets a bottle
10:16 Awe finishes and is happy, Shock screaming again
10:22 all 4 in bed sweet quiet
10:25 pumping time, 6 oz
10:50 choke down 7 pills and climb into bed.
10:59 haha just kidding. Shock is up.
11:05 feed Shock
11:29 go to bed. Shock is wide awake so we'll see....
11:32 Shock crying from gas pain
11:34 Shock spitups on the floor and the sound of puke hitting the floor wakes Awe
11:38 still screaming gas drops to the rescue
11:45 still wide awake, I am going to bed.... Hoping they sleep till at least 2
11:47 move Shock to bouncy seat, Awe fully awake... drat
11:57 finally get Shock settled down, the second I get in bed the screaming begins. Arg.
1:46 Awe is up, feed her in bed where we both fall asleep.
4:03 feed Awe
4:21 Awe back to her crib
4:36 Shock awake
4:56 back to bed. Both babies wide awake... This probably won't go well
5:01 both are screaming. Yay!
5:03 give Shock a pacifier, put Awe back in bed with me feed her.
5:18 Seth fussing, awe still eating
5:21 realize Moo and Ella Bella's baby monitor is off, turn it on.
5:22 Ella Bella is singing. wonder how long she has been up. Oh well....
5:23 all is quiet, hoping everyone sleeps till 7:30
7:06 all four kids are up. Ouch. So. Little. Sleep.
7:15 bottle warming for Shock, feed Awe, big kids cartoons and cereal.
7:52 Shock has completely soaked through all his clothes and blankets. 3rd outfit today.
7:58 give Shock a bottle
7:59 Shock chokes on bottle and spits up oh his clean outfit. 4th outfit of the day...
8:08 babies are done eating now awake time.
8:09 pump while talking to Shock. Moo and Ella Bella play with Awe.
8:30 finish pumping and put Awe down for a nap, knowing she will scream! 3.5 oz
8:40 both babies down for a nap. Shock smiles when laid down, Awe screams. Typical.
8:45 must load dishwasher. Not a clean bottle left in the house.
9:05 dishwasher running, babies sleeping, big kids coloring. Shower time!
9:47 laundry laundry laundry
10:08 babies awake
10:15 Shock fell back asleep after removing his screaming sister from his bed, nurse Awe
10:44 protect Awe from over loving from Moo and Ella Bella
11:08 laundry with 2 crazy kids. Where are those grandparents???
11:30 Gran and Papa come!
11:40 feed Shock again, scream, burp, repeat
12:00 Gran made us lunch :)
12:34 Ella Bella pees on the floor, help her clean it up
1:10 feed Awe
1:11 let my parents entertain the kids ;)
2:30 feed Shock
2:38 Ella Bella down for nap
3:13 Gran and Papa leave
3:20 pump, bleck 12oz
4:02 finish pumping, I despise the black bag o torture
4:30 Moo and Ella Bella are up and hungry. Snacks, fighting, timeout, and playmobil!
5:34 Awe is up and ready to eat.
5:57 Shock wakes up
5:58 hubs aka super dad walks through the door! HOORAY!!!
6:00 make dinner and feed Shock.


Tracy said...

yeah...I remember those days all too well, no matter what you may think or feel you are doing a fantastic job...I can't imagine doing it with 2 older kids running around...you are amazing. :) and it never becomes "norman rockwell"-ish...ever...and if it does, I will dub you weird. ;)