Monday, February 16, 2009


2 years + 10 months + 2 weeks + 6 days = FREEDOM.

Of diapers, during the day, for one kid.

This past Monday we set out to get Moo on the pot. Hubs and I made a pact, no more diapers regardless of how bad it got. We broke out the gatorade and loaded him up. Monday was bad. We were out of underwear (12 pairs) by noon. He didn't seem to mind sitting in puddles of his own effluent. He raged at the potty. Tuesday was only marginally better. I was ready to throw in the towel.

And then Wednesday, something happened. It just clicked. He made it the until 5pm without any accidents or needing me to tell he needed to go. Poopoo, no problem. Pee, a breeze. Had to be a fluke.

Thursday, woke up DRY, For the first time EVER. No accidents until right before bed. AMAZING. He still has trouble when we leave the house and with "real" potties. We'll get there.

WOOHOO! No more diapers to buy! (remember we use cloth for Ella Bella) Only half the diapers to change WOOHOO! I am seeing why people say once you get them out of diapers you will never want another baby.


The everyday said...

Way to go Moo MAN! And way to go mom and dad now you get to hear "hey someone come wipe my butt" lol

Erika said...

Woo hoo!! Congratulations!!!