Tuesday, February 24, 2009

mr. roboto

This child has been giving me fits, err, messes. He is finding his little voice and stomping his foot in resistance and oh vey is it wearing me down. The resistnace and the peeing. On everything. He gets to the potty just fine btu has a little problem with aim. Ya know those horror movies where they show a gory scene by showing just a little blood first and then zooming out and looking at the floor, walls and ceiling to show the full extent of the carnage. Thats what is like in my house right now. How is it even possible to pee around a closed shower curtain from the potty? Oye.

Good thing he is cute.

Even sweeter that he insists on calling me "sweetheart" and his dad "honey".

And even more cute that he has learned to "be strong and courageous in the Lord." Cause Miss Nancy says so!

*The tie is super easy to make. It's just tie shape (google images) cut out in two patterns sewn together on an elastic string. Easy-peasy. I guess I could give more detailed directions if anyone wants...


kirstin said...

love the tie, the hat on ella bella and all your terrific pics. is 'loveable creations' a friend of yours? love her stuff!
sorry we didn't get to hang out while I was in lubbock! I thought that I'd get to see you again after the sale, but not so much. :( next time!