Sunday, February 8, 2009

nine months

Well, I shoved my daughter in the wagon again, meaning another 3 months have just flown by! Ella Bella Chunka Monka is now 9 months old!

And she is the happiest little kid, so content to just BE. She is constantly shaking her little booty to the seemingly never ending beat in her head. In the past week she has started showing interest in possibly moving from the spot where we put her. She is eating cheerios and anything else she finds laying around with precision accuracy. She is also holding her own bottle, so FREEDOM for us! She sleeps like a champ and wakes up ready to greet the day. She has enjoyed every concoction of food sent her way, with the exception of carrots. She threw those up, twice.

She is huge, wearing 18 month and 24 month clothes. I bet she will be wearing the same clothes this time next year. She is a little fashonista, or at least she doesn't complain about all the crazy outfits I put her in.

I am so thankful for the 9 months we have been blessed with Ella Bella!


Laurie Heath said...

Hi there! I found your blog through a mutual friend's comment on a photo you posted on Facebook. (Whew! That was quite a mouthful.)

I'm a photographer too and love your images and well as your insights! You can look me up at if you like. Nice to "meet" you!

Lindsey said...

I mean, where does the time go!? So cute!