Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the blog lives on.

dear poor neglected blog,

My profuse apologies for leaving you alone for so long. I promise it wasn't my intention to leave you empty for so long. I packed you up to move you to the new house (aka the dump) and alas no internet can be found there. At least not inexpensive or fast internet. So here I am sitting at a coffee shop to catch up with you mr. blog. There have been many things going on worthy of a good old blog post, like Moo and Ella Bella growing like weeds, cute families photographs, and of course "the dump" looking a whole lot less dumpy.

I promise to get REAL internet soon, my iphone has so many shortcomings.... the inability to blog, hates photos larger than a credit card, hard to talk on, and lousy for online shopping. You mr. blog are cheap therapy and after 2 months of living in very tight quarters I NEED some therapy.

lfh creative


Faith said...

Too funny! :)