Wednesday, December 30, 2009

love little moo

This little guy drives me insane is so many ways. Insane in the ammount I love him, insane in the ammount of questions he asks, and insane with his obstinence and definitely insane with his ability to pee on the seat EVERY SINGLE TIME.

And now to embarrass the Hubs. We went out for dinner a couple weeks a go at a place that rhymes with stickeys. Yeah you know the place. ANywyas, we got the all clear of no peanut products, ordered, and sat down to eat. Not 3 minutes later Moo declares as he dances in his chair that he has to goooooooooooo. I smile at Hubs and profusely aplogize for being a girl and he takes Moo off to the restroom.

The return a few minutes later, Hubs shaking his head in defeat. Moo refuse to go in any place that is not perfectly clean and has just the right size and shape of potty.

A few minutes later Moo is back to dancing and rather loudly proclaims he has to goooooooooo. So off they go again. A few minutes later they return. And moo very loudly proclaims that he did IT! Several people snicker. Hubs is turning red.

So I do what any good mommy would do. And any not so good wife would do. Again, quite loudly and very enthusiastically. "oh honey! Yay! that's so wonderful. I am so glad you did IT. Wonderful!" Hubs got a little redder and snak in his seat.

So if I ruined your dinner at the place that rhymes with stickeys, then man I am sorry. However, I bet odds are your dinner was ruined by the food poisioning we all endured after dinner. And that some poor sole suffered in the parking lot...


Faith said...

Great Mommy! Not so great about the food poisoning!