Wednesday, December 30, 2009

white christmas

I like snow. I like snow from the warm, comfortable cosiness of my home. However, I don't want to taint my childrens opinion of the stuff so when we got wallopped by a blizzard on Christmas eve resulting in 5 inches of white fluff everywhere and some 2' plus drifts (I can hear all you Nebraksans rolling on the ground laughing... stop it...) I had to take the doodles out in it. Doodle is a good name for my children, no? Moo loved it and squaled with delight. Ella Bella was a little more cautious and took it all in but said nothing.

And then, Ella Bella fell face first into the snow and Moo relaized that this snow stuff is COLD. COLD! Their countenance changed just a little....

At this point Moo laid down on the neighbors drive way and proceeded to scream his little lungs out letting it echo through the otherwise quiet winter wonderland of the canyon. He refused to move from that spot, crying out that he would rather DIE right THERE than go back in the SNOW! I have no iuidea where he gets his flair for drama, none.


Faith said...

Hilarious! Kids are so conditioned!