Friday, March 2, 2012

twin thing

twin thing

We survived the first year with 2 infants and these are some of the products that made our lives easier!
From the top left,
1. Britax Marathon 70 carseats: We got one in cow and one in pink dot and they are awesome. Easy to use and now no rethreading the straps when the grow. Woohoo!

2. iphone: This little luxury kept me sane during the days were I was literally feeding babies up to eight hours a day. I could check email, read blogs, and of course, facebook all while feeding little people.

3. IKEA antilop highchair: We got 2 @ $20 each and 4 trays @ $ 5 each. Super easy to clean and they STACK. My only regret is not getting 3 trays for each ;)

4. boppy's: These were great for nursing, propping sleeping babies, and on that blessed day they could hold their own bottles... holding milk chugging babies!

5. Double snap n' go: Necessary evil. This thing is huge and drives like a bad grocery cart but it does make going places in the early days possible. It attracts crazy amounts of attention. I got ours on craigslist for $40, worth it!

6: Sleep sacks: Sleep should not be interrupted merely by cold babies. Added bonus, they can't even attempt crib escapes in these :)

7. Avent Bottles: We used Avent and I wish we had gotten them in pink and blue. We got bottles mixed up a lot once they became mobile.

8. Fisher Price Cradle Swing: Again, craigslist to the rescue! We had 2 and they could tame the crying babe long enough to tend to the other crying babe. They also slept in them a few nights when they had colds.

9. Beco Butterfly 2 carrier: My friend Emily loaned me hers and it get s used all the time when I get Moo from a non- ADA compliant school with no access for a stroller. Carry Awe on my back and carry Shock in my arms. I also use it to break up their "twin-ness" when we are out running errands.

10. Pacifiers: My older kids never, ever would take these but we pretty much forced them on the twins. They each take a different kind, just to spice things up a little. Shock in particular is an addict and sleeps with one in each hand and one in his mouth.

11. Phil and Teds with doubles kit: Double stroller that works as a single, love love love. We also have the bouncer kit which was really handy for trips when they were tiny.

12. Cloth diapers, have written about that before but yeah, you go through oodles of diapers! We have all different kinds but they have saved us so much $$$ and so many trips to the store!

13. Graco Snugride 22: My personal opinion is that infant seats are just a huge pain. But, with 2 newborns they are a must have until they get some neck strength and or the weather is more pleasant. We used them until about 5 months.

15. Swaddling blankets: Cute and helped them sleep a little better and deeper. Still my worst sleepers by far....

Here is the link to my fav baby gear when we just had Moo and Ella Bella. Some of the products are the same and we still have all the ones from nearly 3 years ago too!