Monday, May 25, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things

I have a bit of a baby gear fetish. At one time I had, no exaggeration, 10 strollers. 3 umbrella, 3 double, a car seat frame stroller, a fancy stroller, a bike trailer, and the horrid travel system stroller. I have trimmed it down to 2 Maclaren Volos and umm 2 Phil and Teds. One is for sale, the e3. And also my travel system is for sale. ;)

So, from left to right, top to bottom, my ravs:
1. fisher price healthy care booster seat. Easy to clean, easy to wash, easy to travel with. It's our every day highchair.
2. jj cole system bag. Has oodles of pockets and a nice travel pack for diapers.
3. Maclaren volo (triumph or quest)turns on a dime, light, easy to fold. Love!
4. Moby wrap! Seems like a huge undertaking to get on but its actually pretty easy and is so comfy for mom and baby. You can make your own quite easily!
5. Pouch sling, the one shown is the polkadot papoose sling, easy to use and easy to make! Lovely for newborns.
6. Car seat frame. I bought mine from a friend and it has made the mommy group rounds because it is just so handy. It's very light and has a huge basket.
7. Boppy. Some love, some hate. I love. Made nursing a breeze.
8. Britax Marathon- totally worth the splurge! The little extras make it easy to use and the durability and ease of installation is awesome.
9. phil and teds, also known as phillip and theodore at our house. This stroller is nothing short of brilliant. The single stroller that is also a double. We love it so much we just splurged and ordered a new one!
10. Robeez, they are cute and they stay on the feet!
11. Kidco peapod plus, a whole post of loving is a couple days back. It is just too handy!

Oops! I missed the bum genius diapers. Great colors and they do the job at hand well. Sometimes pretty gross to deal with but a huge moneysaver!


I wrote this post for a very fun friend and her hubby who are expecting their very first little bambino in a few months! What was your favorite piece of baby gear? what was a total waste of money? Give her your best tips and I may just have to give a little something away to a lucky commenter. Maybe some babylegs? :)


Growing up said...

hooter hider come one laura!!!

waste of money for us was bottle warm which I did not even open.. it was a gift!

Tickled Pink Housewife said...

We all LOVED the Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer. Miss Mia so rarely cries when getting her diaper changed, and almost never woke up when changing diapers at night! We're also fans of Nuk bottles and pacifiers.

Lindsey said...

Have you found a new home for your old P & T yet? We'd like to get one and maybe sell our BOB since I'm doing my working out in a gym these days.

Our favorite? I'd say the BOB stroller (for getting back into shape with two kiddos) and the My Royal Heinie Diaper Purse I scored from Target's clearance section. It's so perfect for holding diapers, wipes, the Epi and Benadryl as I go from purse to purse since I prefer not to use a diaper bag.

lfhcreative said...

Ashley is looking at getting my old phil and ted, but if she decided she doesn't want it I will certainly let you know. I figured someone might want to take it off my hands ;)

lfhcreative said...

and yes, hooter hiders rock! my kids weren't paci takers, but NUK seemed to be a popular choice among the pacifier addict crowd.

nennylee said...

My favorite baby thing is my hubby, he is efficient, hard worker, goes to the grocery store, takes the kids to the park and he washes up well too!

kirstin said...

what a fun idea!
baby gear I love:
-my boppy (I took it everywhere those first few months- haha!)
-my phil and ted stroller
-my hooter hider
-sandra boynton books
-my hotsling (we call it the magical sling)
-one piece outfits (less to change)
-kiddopotamus swaddler
-jammies with open bottoms (snap free changing in the middle of the night)
-nipple shields (do those count as baby gear?)
hope that helps!

lfhcreative said...

Kirstin- I am glad to know I am not the only one who traveled everywhere with my boppy the first few months. And sure nipple shields count! I forgot how totally handy those were with my little piranha the second time around.

* the hospital gives them for free here, r. Just ask for them.

Tracy said...

Bouncy seat hands down. Great for when they are starting to learn to grab toys, plus a HUGE lifesaver if your baby has reflux. We used them with Cordi so she could sit up for 30 min after feedings. Must have vibrating function (ours is a fischer price something or other) GREAT help in the middle of the night putting them back to sleep, or in our case we let them sleep strapped in to them so that I wouldn't have to worry about tummy issues.