Monday, May 11, 2009

before I forget....

ella bella and moo had their check-ups today:

35 lbs, 39.5 inches
running a fever, we had no idea. Otherwise healthy.
no new info on peanuts. darn.

ella bella:
25lbs. 10 oz. ella bella chunka monka indeed
32" tall
Dr. is a little concerned she is not cruising, we are not. She is a laid back baby. It will come and as her daddy says: "She has her whole life to walk."
5 shots, MMR, chicken pox, hep a. and umm... 2 others.
Cried 30 seconds and then was happy. Woohoo!


Erika said...

Lucy is 14 months old and JUST started cruising. Our doctor hasn't been at all concerned... just to offer a little affirmation that you are just right in not being concerened about Ella Bella! : )

Lauren said...

Did I ever tell you that I didn't start walking until 18 months? By 16-17 months my mom was getting a little concerned, but I was fine- I just took my sweet time! Good for you for not being worried :)