Friday, May 8, 2009

the things she loves at one

I wanted to try to capture just a few of my baby girls favorite things as she turns one. Her brother, mama, and dada didn't make the cut. Sock dog had to be a stand in for her first furry love, bear bear. She peed on bear bear during her very European nude nap yesterday. Oh well.

1. stuffed animals, especially "bear bear"
2. books, she sneaks off to the shelves and looks through her books.
3. her air-tivity table. She finds it very silly.
4. bananas, and pretty much any other food!
5. frosting, she did not however like her cake.
6. baby dolls and their fake hair
7. glasses and other accessories. Oh goodness, the need to accessorize starts YOUNG.
8. Shoes! Again, starts YOUNG.
9. Mama's cell phone, her very favorite toy.