Monday, May 4, 2009

crafting from the stash: first birthday shirt

The shirt says it all, my baby is *almost* one. 3 more days. I made this shirt using the freezer paper method, which is both easy and works really well. I don't remember which tutorial I used the first time I tried it, but there are many out there! Just google freezer paper stencil. I still need to trim down the sleeves since it is May, despite the fact I am wearing jeans and a hoodie right now! At some point in the past 2 years, target had all their white onesies and shirts 75% off and I am a sucker for a clearance sale and bought 2 dozen shirts and several packages of onesie. I think more of these freezer print shirts will be appearing on the blog soon!


Growing up said...

Aww very cute... I just made jake a few freezer shirts too.. it was just on tangled and true! they are fun easy and cute!

jmesserer said...

okay maybe we could have a freezer paper friends night? i really want to try it, but can only imagine that by the time i gathered everything i would then have 3 little not-so-helpful helpers! these are too cute :) happy bday to your little butterflydokeite

Care said...

so, so cute! i am definitely going to have to try the freezer paper method.