Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the peapod plus

For the last couple months I have hardly bought anything, including groceries. Not really intentional... just with packing up a lot of stuff in our house to maybe move I wasn't really into buying more stuff to fill it again! However, this last week I have been doing some online shopping and yesterday both fedex and ups came a knockin.

We do a fair amount of traveling and therefore, I do a fair amount of dreading all the gear that we haul around to travel with 2 small kids. The stroller, the pack and play, the toys, the high chair. My least favorite being the pack in play. Oh yeah, it's GREAT once you get it set-up. Unless you want to move it into another room. But, pack and plays are bulky, heavy, hard to carry, and take up a lot of our precious cargo room. I also have nightmares about one hitting my kids in the head during a wreck.


I ordered a Peapod Plus for Ella Bella to use on our future trips. And it is so cool! It comes with a sleeping bag, air mattress, pump, carrying bag and the tent. It folds up to about the size of a large frisbee and weighs just a few pounds. Certainly light enough for Moo to carry it. It is easy to fold also, this coming from someone who can not fold a sunshade to save her life.

We have been using it in Ella Bella's crib the last couple night to get her used to the idea of sleeping in it and she loves it. It also has the added benefit of keeping Moo from bugging her because he can't touch he.

Kidco Peapod Plus


Sarah Holt said...

Okay. So now that you have had this for over a year, do you still use it. Do i need one for our camping trip in october with a seven month old?